Cali BOXX 4000 Vape

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  • Cali BOXX 4000 Vape
  • Cali BOXX disposable vape
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Cali BOXX 4000 Vape Disposable

Introducing the Cali BOXX Disposable Vape, a powerful and flavorful vaping device that offers an exceptional vaping experience.

Specifications of the Cali BOXX Disposable Vape:

  • Mesh Coil: The mesh coil technology ensures enhanced flavor and vapor production.
  • Salt Nicotine: Contains 5% salt nicotine for a smooth and satisfying hit.
  • Liquid Capacity: With a generous 10mL liquid capacity, you can enjoy an extended vaping experience before needing to dispose of the device.
  • Puff Count: Approximately 4000 puffs, providing long-lasting use and enjoyment.

Experience the Cali BOXX Disposable Vape and indulge in its powerful performance. The mesh coil technology enhances the flavor delivery, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience. With 5% salt nicotine, you can enjoy a smooth hit every time.

The Cali BOXX Disposable Vape is designed to provide convenience and longevity, with a large liquid capacity and an impressive puff count of approximately 4000 puffs. Enjoy a flavorful and satisfying vaping experience with the Cali BOXX Disposable Vape, designed to meet your vaping needs.

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